A management  institute is known to the outside world mainly by the students it churns out every year. We are proud and honored to proclaim that over the years we have produced the finest management graduates. This is reflected in the top positions they occupy in the industry  . Our alumni’s have not only steered the top corporate organizations in India but they are present all over the globe. From USA , Middle East to Europe they have led and successfully managed global empires  .

Course taken by some reflects the foundation which we have laid down during their academic years at the college. Many have chosen to become entrepreneurs and chart out their own path. They have contributed immensely to social and economic development of our nation.

We have a strong and vibrant alumni network that encompasses more than 5000 students. We renew and invigorate our bond with guest lectures, alumni meets and seminars. Our placement desk works closely with them and leverage for great summer and final placements for our students.

We look upon our alumni’s as flowers of a garden, with different colors and fragrances . Our flowers are on full bloom all over the world echoing the variety and strength of the garden .