Life at IPM



We at IPM Lucknow provide a very safe, lively and learning environment. Academic excellence and extra-curricular activities mark a harmonious balance. A rigorous analysis of current business environment gives the students opportunity to understand the nuances of   management. Students are encouraged to open their mental faculties and challenge even established concepts with data and reasoning. A typical class at IPM is a very interactive one.

Projects , reports , presentations and quizzes keep them occupied . Whether pursing current interests or exploring new ones, students make friends and establish their on-campus community by getting involved. The relationships build here last for a life time, which is clearly visible in our strong Alumni network that keeps every IPMite connected.  Students are given the opportunities to develop themselves and explore their potential by participation in various interactive and entertaining leaning programs on and off the campus.

Students are offered a very quality interaction with the best in the industry. Seminars and workshops on current management issues are a regular feature which gives the student an opportunity to meet people from the corporate world. Talk by eminent speakers from all sections of the society enhances and diversify their learning ability. Industrial tour gives them a firsthand  experience of working in the factory.

Non-academic activities like celebrating founders’ day, fresher’s and farewell parties etc are much awaited events. The latest fashion trends are on display, the music is loud and peppy. The spirits are high and the air is majestic.

We offer them a blend of modern and traditional learning environment to make this journey a pleasant one. And the bond that is developed between the students and the institute is cherished forever.