Program Structure

IPM has a unique programme structure designed in order to prepare the students for the challenges ahead in the best possible way. The complete PGDM programme is a full time 2 years course divided into 4 semesters. The First Semester of the course starts with a coverage of Foundation Subjects which impart to the students a sound knowledge of the essential functional areas of business.

At IPM the electives are introduced in the second semester itself. All the students are required to undertake a summer project spread over 8 weeks between the First and Second Years, so that when the students go for their summer internship, they have already gained some knowledge about their field of interest. This makes their summer project a better learning experience.

The electives are designed to give the students as wide a choice as possible, to specialize in areas of their interest and acquire advanced knowledge and skills.

The programme rounds off with a strong emphasis on integrative and value-oriented courses such as Business Policy and Business Ethics so as to make the student not only a competent manager, but also a socially responsible citizen.