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Whether you already have a clear career focus or are open to exploring a range of new possibilities, your impact is limited only by your imagination. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? We can help you make it happen.

With only 120 students in your class, the Career Services Centre (CSC) can dedicate more resources to help you develop career vision, make strategic decisions, and build a strong professional foundation. The CSC offers recruiting opportunities and an extensive array of resources to help you target and inform your career decisions – now and through out your life. The IPM PGDM will give you the skills to maximize your career in business. IPM has always regarded careers support as an integral element of its PGDM programme and a dedicated careers service is available to the students of the school. Among other things, we provide: –

    • Knowledgeable Career Advisors who meet with you regularly and understand your professional goals.
    • Career Treks that introduce you to employers in various industries.
    • Career Workshops that enhance your skills in a variety of topics, such as Career and Life Visionary; Offers, Decisions, and Negotiations; and Job Search Success.
    • Responsive Alumni who are accessible through the IPM Old Students (OS) Directory, OS Mentor Program, OS Job Shadowing opportunities, and events. Our OS are invited to many of the activities at campus, fostering the building of networks between current and old students.
    • Personal and Professional Development Programme (PPD) is a key aspect of the IPM PGDM that starts during induction fortnight and continues throughout the entire programme; running alongside the taught academic programme. PPD includes: –
        • The focus is on developing self awareness and presentation skills, and on understanding both the contributions made by individuals to teams and the role of the team leader. With strong multicultural mix of students, the programme also seeks to develop cross-cultural awareness.
        • Seminars and Workshops on areas such as corporate social responsibility, career progression, change management, game theory, conflict management etc.
        • A number of Guest Speakers to address the PGDM students throughout the year. These speakers, all pre-eminent in their fields, include senior executives & academicians from regional, national and international businesses & B-Schools.
        • Management Communication Program that prepares you to communicate effectively and persuasively for interviews, presentations, and public speaking.
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“Time spent at IPM, Lucknow were the transformative years of my life which I cherish most in my life.The learning and guidance received has helped me to develop the skills and confidence to take on the challenges of the corporate world and come out as a winner, always.”

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