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Our genesis goes back to 1977 when management education was not a popular cliché. The subject itself was evolving and the pedagogy was being developed. IPM was a part of the process defining contours and boundaries of management education. Inculcating conceptual and human skills have been the foundation of our management program from the start and over the years we have been rigorously guarding this success mantra.
The inflection point in our history and of management education came with opening of Indian economy in the early 90’s. With the increasing presence of multinational companies the Indian market was energized. The foreign corporate brought with them different management style and it pushed the Indian companies to reorient themselves to brace up for competition.
IPM realized it was time to introduce freshness in the classroom and laid the seed of skill development. Conceptual clarity was necessary but research proved no direct relation between academic excellence and on the job performance. Managing the organization efficiently required new skills which had to be replenished over time. We have over decades conducted hundreds of refresher courses for the industry both public and private and have shared a great bond of exchange of knowledge with the industry.

We have contributed to the productivity and growth of industry by providing them high quality managers. With the synthesis of ethical values and razor sharp business acumen our students are a toast of business world. Our alumni are not only spearheading private organizations but have also carved a niche in government. Our vast alumni network has ensured our presence all over the globe. Many are successful in top corporate while some have found their calling in entrepreneurial initiatives.

Rich traditions & value system created at IPM over years gets reflected in the work culture, ethos & values inculcated among its alumni, employees & associates. We look back to our glorious journey as a pioneer of management education in Uttar Pradesh with great pride.

IPM has seen and lived the evolution of management education as none else and would always understand its responsibility towards its stakeholders and the larger external environment.

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“Time spent at IPM, Lucknow were the transformative years of my life which I cherish most in my life.The learning and guidance received has helped me to develop the skills and confidence to take on the challenges of the corporate world and come out as a winner, always.”

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