Pedagogy & Evaluation

Pedagogy & Evaluation

At IPM focus is not just on teaching but mentoring the students. The pedagogy is a mix of lectures, classroom discussions, peer learning, case studies, simulations, project work, group studies and participation in national and international events and competitions. Various case studies from the best business schools like Harvard are taken up for discussions in the class. The integration across functional areas leads to a participant becoming proficient in not only his/her specialisation area but also other areas catering to business decision making.

While due importance is given to classroom learning, the effort is to build suitable stimuli in non-classroom learning, interaction and internship to facilitate the development of the right attitudes, skills and knowledge on which the participant can base his or her own architecture of self-development. Students are given application exercises and undertake simulation based courses and therefore are encouraged to work on live projects and problems to have first hand management experience.

IPM uses a grading system in all its evaluation methods comprising quizzes, assignments, case analysis, project work, group exercises, field-work, internships, mid-term assessments and comprehensive examinations. Evaluation is continuous and spread throughout the course delivery.

Students are required to be on time for classes and regular in their attendance. 100 percent attendance in each course is expected of every student. Absence is permitted for reasons such as sickness, accidents, bereavements or officially assigned work. However, such absence should not exceed 10 percent in a course.

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“Time spent at IPM, Lucknow were the transformative years of my life which I cherish most in my life.The learning and guidance received has helped me to develop the skills and confidence to take on the challenges of the corporate world and come out as a winner, always.”

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